About Us
  Introducing The Japan Foundation, Bangkok
The Japan Foundation, Bangkok has three departments to provide respective partners with sufficient services.
  (1) Arts and Culture Department
(2) Japanese Language Department
(3) Japanese Studies and Intellectual Exchange Department
1. Arts and Culture Department
to carry out a wide variety of activities as follows:
(1) cultural activities;
(2) grant-giving;

As an organizer of cultural events
The Arts and Culture Department carries out a variety of cultural activities to promote cultural-exchange and cultivate the cultural diversity in the region. It has initiated many events such as, art exhibitions, music concerts, stage performances, academic lectures, film showings including the programs entitled Japanese Film Festival, Japanese Culture Tour, Weekend Theater, and so on.

As a grant giving organization
(1) The Japan Foundation Headquarters Grant Programs
(2) Small Grant Programs

As an information center
The Japan Foundation, Bangkok is eager to provide practitioners and organizers of cultural exchange activities, and all those who are interested in such activities, with relevant information. We have been conducting surveys about various topics concerning cultural exchange, and are pleased to share their fruit and discuss with the people concerned as to how to develop an idea, and how to find counterparts in the respective countries of the Asian refion, and so forth. We also welcome general inquiries about Japanese culture.

*** Announcement for Borrowing of Cultural Items ***

2. Japanese Language Department
To respond to the remarkably increasing number of students studying Japanese language in Thailand. We provides a wide range of support for Japanese language education in various levels by dispatching specialists to educational institutions, by training Thai Japanese-language teachers and by developing and donating teaching materials. We are also engaged in a teaching consulting service to assist Thai and Japanese instructors.

Program contents

  • Dispatch of Japanese language specialists and assistance to organizations involved in Japanese language education
  • Implementation of intensive course for Japanese-language secondary school teachers
  • Arrangement of regular seminars to Japanese language teachers in general
  • Organization and administration of Japanese Language Proficiency Test and Speech Contest through cooperation with related Japanese language organizations in Thailand
  • Short and long-term invitations to teachers of Japanese language to participate in training programs in Japan
  • Development, production and donations of Japanese language teaching materials

3. Japanese Studies and Intellectual Exchange Department
With the aim to deepen understanding of Japan abroad and to foster and support good relations between Japan and other countries, the Japan Foundation provides a diverse range of grant programs for Japanese studies organizations and grant fellowships that enable scholars to conduct research in Japan. We also carry out intellectual exchange programs such as collaborative research projects and dialogues to enhance understanding of regional or global issues, seeking measures to solve such issue.

Program contents:

  • Grant Programs to Japanese organizations abroad;
  • Fellowships for scholars conducting research on Japan;
  • Support programs, both by headquarters in Tokyo and the Japan Foundation Bangkok, for international collaborative projects and dialogues.

As the information center on Japanese culture and society the Japan Foundation, Bangkok has been maintaining a library that is open to the public. The Library has books in Japanese, English, and Thai. Most of the Library's collection consists of books on Japanese society, culture and language. It has also cassette and video tapes, and CD-ROMs of the relevant fields.

Moreover, Japan Foundation Would like to provide an opportunity for any institute that is interested in Japanese culture to attend a lecture or visual education here without any expense. Please express your wish to attend. We hope that you will know more about Japan and its culture. Please contact Ms. Duangchai Meekungwan Tel. 0-2260-8560-4, Monday - Friday from 9.00 - 12.00 am. and 1.30 - 5.00 pm.


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