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  About the Japan Foundation, Bangkok
In 1974 the Japan Foundation opened a liason office in Bangkok to assist its full implementation of cultural exchange between Thailand and Japan as well as to create networks with affiliated cultural organizations and individuals in Thailand in the name of the Japan Foundation, Bangkok or the Japan Cultural Center, Bangkok. After April 2004, the name of the organization will be known only as "The Japan Foundation, Bangkok", the organization's logo has been changed as well.

Introducing our new logo
The Japan Foundation aspires to the role of catalyst for international exchange throughout the world, transmitting what is valuable and appealing in Japanese culture to other countries and promoting mutual empathy and understanding with other peoples around the globe.

Small-Letter J and small-letter F
Expressing our initials in small rather than capital letters and in a dynamic cursive style, the new logo embodies our stance as responsive and accessible transmitters of culture.

The concept of responsive dynamism
The flexible and graceful curves of the logo represent freedom from ignorance and prejudice as well as the dynamism necessary for mutual understanding and intellectual creativity transcending national boundaries and cultural differences.

The butterfly shape
The cventer of the butterfly-like symbol is Japan. The gentle form created fo lines that soar outward from the center and then return to the center symbolizes the cycle of efforts to carry Japanese culture, arts, language, and ideas of other countries.

The color purple

Purple has been the Japan Foundation's color since its founding; we will continue to use this color.

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